Operation Tannenbaum

Some indeterminate year, the members of the Rice Memorial College decided that they ought to place the RMC Christmas tree on the roof of Lovett Hall.
Chris Reed, Eric Sisson, Bob Puckette, Dave Gutierrez (who else? Phil Walters? Bill Kosar?)
One team would carry the 18’ tree over-land, and another team would take block and tackle through the steam tunnels, from Biology to Lovett Hall. We had a key to the padlocks used in the tunnels so that we could maintain KTRU’s cables.
We used walkie-talkies to coordinate, and this is probably why we didn’t succeed.
I had one of the walkie-talkies, and was working around Lovett Hall, poking my head out of manholes, to see if the Campos were nearby.
As this was a spur-of-the-moment effort, we did none of the things that the Willy’s Statue team did to reduce attention.
There was a police car parked in front of Lovett Hall.
Oh well…
(What hadn’t occurred to us at the time was that the Campos were scanning the citizen’s band wavelengths, and were likely listening in to everything we said.)
The rest of the team wasn’t as far afield as I was, and quickly made their way back to the RMC.
When I got back to Biology’s basement, the gate was locked.
I didn’t have a key.
And the walkie-talkie couldn’t get a signal.
So I made my way through the tunnels to the spot closest to the RMC – outside of Sammy’s loading dock, and poked the walkie-talkie’s antenna through the manhole, and asked if anyone could hear me.
Eventually, someone responded (thankfully, not a Campo), and they said someone would meet me at the gate in Bio.
Made my way back through the tunnels, and found Mr. Red, the manager of the Campus Store, waiting for me with a glass of Chablis in one hand, and the key in the other.

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